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Ro-Hostel, Brasov
Despre hostel
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Pretul unei camere este de 500.000 lei pe noapte.
A room (2 beds) is only
500.000 lei (about $ 15)
a night.

Ro - Hostel
privind in interior

Ca intreaga pensiune, cele doua camere sunt decorate cu lemn natur, fiind calde si primitoare. Confortabile fara a fi luxoase, fiecare are baia proprie cu dus, apa curenta calda si rece, iar igiena e mai presus de orice intrebare.

Like the whole hostel, the two available rooms are finished in wood, being warm and welcoming. Comfortable - but not luxurious - each one has its own bathroom with shower (and running water, cold and warm altogether), and the hygiene is beyond questioning.

Photo gallery :
The bar
The hall
Living [1]
Living [2]
A room
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